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To do with eco global group

We are waiting for the support of talented and passionate new actors.

​Eco Global Group Audition Course

​How to apply for EcoGlobal Group

Download the'Audition Application' at the bottom and submit it to ( ) .

​Please be sure to check the precautions below.

** Precautions **

1. Only successful applicants will be contacted individually for the first document screening.

2. Eco Global Group can only be applied through e-mail reception.

** When submitting an e-mail, be sure to unify the file name and e-mail title as "Audition Application_Name".

ex) Audition application form_Hong Gil-dong

3. Photos and acting videos are mandatory attachments. Excessive Photoshop photos may qualify for audition exclusion.

**For photos, please attach a total of 4 close-up/upper body/whole body/free pose photos.

**For acting videos, please attach a video within 3 minutes.

4. For minors, parental consent is required.

5. Documents and applications received will not be returned.

Via e-mail

Audition reception

After individual contact with the first passer

​2nd on-site interview

After individual contact with the second passer

Interview with executives

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